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I don’t really have an excuse for this.

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無題 by 猫饅頭

Permission to repost given by artist.
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What’s your name? caro
When’s your birthday? march 10
Where are you from? nz, earth
Do you have a crush? money
What’s your favorite color? anything thats not puke colours 
Got a favorite band/artist? i dont have favourites of anything i like too many things
Favorite number? 3 or 4 it is a tie
Favorite drink? this is the hardest question here wtf
Tag ten people: i dont even know ten ppl

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Hetalia Survey: Bold What is True!


  1. I started with the webcomic.
  2. I started with the anime.
  3. A friend introduced me to it.
  4. I saw it on Tumblr and got interested
  5. My first favorite character was in the Axis Trio
  6. My first favorite character was in the Allied Forces
  7. I own at least one piece of Hetalia merchandise
  8. one of those include the manga or DVDs
  9. Hetalia is my main fandom at the moment
  10. My favorite character is the country I currently live in!
  11. Hetalia has made me want to travel the world!
  12. I do not know who Hidakez Himaruya is
  13. I have memorized the canon human names for the countries
  14. As well as the nyotalia ones
  15. My icon is currently a hetalia character
  16. My theme is Hetalia-based
  17. My URL is Hetalia-based
  18. My favorite character has blue eyes
  19. or brown hair
  20. The female countries need more attention
  21. My favorite ship is M/M
  22. Or F/F
  23. Or M/F
  24. Hetalia was my first anime
  25. I have been in the Hetalia fandom for over a year
  26. My current favorite character is from Europe
  27. My current favorite character is from Asia
  28. My current favorite character is from North America
  29. My current favorite character is from Africa or Oceania
  30. I remember couchtalia
  31. I am with the religion of doitsuism
  32. I know all of the characters of Hetalia
  33. I know most of the characters of Hetalia
  34. I have read all of the Christmas events
  35. As well as the Halloween events
  36. I have basically read all of the webcomics so far
  37. I have gotten an official bandana
  38. My favorite Asian is China
  39. I have no clue who Canada is
  40. Prussia is awesome
  41. I know the names of all the pets the nations own
  42. I know all of the historical figures who have been in Hetalia
  43. I own at least one plushie
  44. I don’t own any merchandise
  45. I have yet to escape this fandom
  46. I got sad over Davie
  47. And cried
  48. I cried over Jeanne too
  49. And Old Man Fritz
  50. Hetalia has ruined me
  51. But at the same time has changed me


print for london expo
anime-style is fun

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cardcaptor sakura.  


some shoes 

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When someone knows who you are


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Keeping The Same Tabs Open For 9 Days Straight Because They Contain Information Relevant To Tasks You’re Too Lazy To Complete - A novel by me

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Girlfriend’s mice tangle their tails when cuddling - Imgur

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cute.  animals.  

Sungmin “MAMACITA” Music Video

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super junior.  gif.  
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The most tragic love story

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White Raspberry Truffle No Bake Cheesecake

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on the plus side, I found something that finds your untagged posts if you want to go back and ya know

tag em


Canada cosplay!!! (my hair is a bit messy but still)

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